City of Love is a collective art project where established artists create original art pieces from a collection of smaller art pieces created by children.

Art Fun
How it works

Established artists will conceive a work that expresses their hope for the future using a collection of smaller artworks created by middle and high school students.   


The artists will author a brief to inspire and direct students to create smaller art pieces in their desired medium that will then be integrated into their larger project, but they will not prescribe what to create. This is not paint by numbers. These pieces will then be incorporated by the artist into their piece.  Each artist will include between 6 and 30 students pieces in their work.

Why we need to do this


Each year students are asked to create dozens of art pieces in class. These pieces are then brought home to grateful parents, who display them on the fridge or a cork board. Within a couple of weeks or months these pieces of art are often removed, filed, and eventually forgotten. Most will find their way to the trash or recycling.

This is a lost opportunity: 
  • for children to communicate on a creative and emotional level with their peers, teachers and family.

  • for a child to examine and appreciate the breadth and variety of creativity presented by their peers.

  • to validate a child’s self-expression by placing it in the broader context of her community.

In today’s world, our ability to connect with one another with differing views and emotional makeup is collapsing. As a society, we have become increasingly entrenched to opinions and sentiments aligned only with our own.

The citizens in our city are not homogenous in thought, physical makeup, talent, experience, or wellbeing. We pride ourselves in this diversity, yet fail to truly appreciate variance within our community.
Appreciation for one another - particularly with those we disagree - begins by understanding how we collectively contribute to a bigger picture of a healthy, productive and beautiful society.

Connection and validated self-expression are the cornerstones to that understanding.

Our failure to do so will lead to continued polarization, which in turn will result in greater distrust and unhappiness within our communities.
Like all things, our better futures can be found within ourselves.

Image by Ulises Baga
Homework Help


The artists will address the challenges of incorporating the collective contributions of children expressing themselves within a common theme.




A realized vision encumbered by the realities of dealing with children who may hold a different vision or have a very different way of expressing it.



All the pieces will be gathered for a major art showing in Vancouver, and will be well attended by the press as well as community and business leaders.



Art pieces in the collection will be auctioned at the show. We aim to raise $25,000 to support art therapy programs that directly address emotional and mental health.


The Collective Impact


Many of the student pieces will be unexpected. They will not fit into the artist’s original vision, but addressing that challenge and drawing inspiration from it is part of the primary goal of this project. 

A student’s previous art projects ended up isolated on the fridge. Suddenly their work has become a very important contribution to a larger piece of art. And perhaps more importantly, they will see their peers’ art in a different light, unique self expression that is also as a vital component to the final piece.  
Together we will examine and begin conversations on how the contribution every individual fits into our collective picture.