Boy Painter





Originally from Poland, Beata Kacy is the creator and founder of Soigné and Octopus Studios and it’s 20 resident artists.

Art Director

Beata Kacy


Andrew Neufeld is the Executive Director of Alongside You, and Clinical Faculty at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Psychiatry.

Clinical Consultant

Andrew Neufeld


Meg Neufeld is the Creative Arts Director of Alongside You, an integrated health clinic. She is a cultural anthropologist and  a mixed-medium artist.

Creative Arts Facilitator

Meg Neufeld

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Founder and Managing Director of Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has organized and curated over 150 art exhibitions and events from 2003 and 2017.

Artist Liasion

Ken Lum

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Meltem's Wall of Love was the inspiration for this project. She is an international marketing and event planner. She has run events in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, USA, and Canada.

PR and Marketing

Meltem Algan

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Ani is a senior software development executive and  strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.  

Digital Development

Ani Phelan